Terms & Conditions


Digital Assets Corporation is the creator of the software Oxis.com. This software allows you to interact with various public blockchains. This agreement is the contract between you (user of Oxis.com) and Digital Assets Corporation. Accepting this agreement allows you to use Oxis.com to your personal use, accepting different rights, responsibilities and obligations.

You Control Your Wallet, Not Oxis

Oxis.com is a tool that allows you to create portfolios and interact with different public blockchains. These wallets are controlled by your username and password. Oxis.com does not, and will never have access to your funds. This software operates under different computer security principles than most. By never having access to a client's funds, if the client loses their username, password, and recovery questions, access to the funds stored in their wallets will be irretrievably lost. It is recommended that users learn how blockchain technology works and become familiar with Oxis.com, as well as various other tools before making any non-trivial transactions. Oxis.com provides different educational materials on support.oxis.com. When you use oxis.com, you are always in control your funds. Oxis.com has no possible way of interacting or accessing funds stored using our software.

Your Responsibilities

Oxis.com, by not having custody of the funds of users, is designed to hold its users accountable. Some of your responsibilities will be: 1. Save meticulously your user data, password, and questions of Recovery. 2. Make sure to not stop using Oxis software without exporting your funds. 3. Make sure the computers or mobile phones that you use to interact with Oxis are free of viruses, malware etc. 4. Comply with the laws of your jurisdiction. 5. Comply with the laws of the Republic from the Marshall Islands, where Oxis resides. 6. No use of Oxis.com for illegal purposes. 7. Make sure that the blockchain addresses money is sent to are correctly written. 8. Make sure that your username, password, and your recovery questions are not shared with anyone (not even Oxis customer support)

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Oxis.com is designed to protect your privacy. Your username, password and recovery questions never should be communicated to anyone. Some data of your use of Oxis, once anonymized and encrypted, will be transmitted to our servers to improve the use of the application. These data include (among others) the number of portfolios created, the number of transactions sent or the country from where they interact with Oxis. Oxis never will sell your information, neither personal nor anonymous, to any third party.

Cryptocurrencies Can Be Risky

Digital assets have many associated risks. The Oxis team has no control over the blockchains with which you interact. Oxis cannot cancel, revert, modify or affect in any way the transactions issued under your use. It is important to understand how blockchains work before using Oxis to host funds relevant to you.


Oxis is free to use. Oxis cannot offer guarantees about safety, errors, imperfections or the operation of the software. As far as the law allows, Oxis disclaims any type of associated liability with the use of the software.

Termination of Service for Illegal Acts

Oxis.com has a policy to fight digital crime that consists of monitoring certain directions against our dangerous actor database. Oxis reserves the right to cancel the services of any user who is part of any crime committed through the use of the software. Oxis regularly collaborates with the authorities of different jurisdictions.

Third Party Services

Oxis.com may offer services from companies not related to Digital Assets Corporation. There may exist Different Terms of Service for each case. Oxis cannot be held responsible for your data or interactions once use of a service associated with another company has occurred. Any third-party service that involves transactions on a blockchain can carry the risk of loss of funds. By accepting these terms of service, you agree that neither Oxis.com nor are any of its officers or employees responsible for losses incurred by the use of the Oxis.com software or third parties.

Limitation of Liability

Oxis.com is offered at no cost to users. The user agrees that Oxis will never be responsible for problems with failed transactions, delayed transactions, loss of username, password and your recovery questions, errors in the libraries that Oxis uses, digital asset value losses, changes in currency values, or any other type of problem arising from the use of Oxis.com

Reliability of the Displayed Information

Oxis.com offers relevant data on the supported digital assets within our software. Oxis cannot guarantee that the data shown on the different assets are correct. The user must verify all types of data before taking any decision with respective use to cryptocurrency stored in Oxis.

Customer Support

Oxis.com offers customer support at no cost. In any situation, Oxis may stop offering this service, Customer Support. When reaching out to our support, never share your username, password and your recovery questions with the customer service team by Oxis.

Cancellation of Services

Oxis.com can cancel this contract at any time with a 15 day notice. If you do not accept this agreement, you must stop using Oxis.com immediately.

Forums and Governing Jurisdiction of the Contract

Any dispute related to this contract must be attended under the laws and in the courts of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Contract Agreement

This Agreement represents the entire interaction between Oxis and its users. The parties agree to accept this agreement without intermediaries, representatives or guarantees not represented in the same.