Oxis is a wallet for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies, decentralized and in the cloud. We created Oxis with two main objectives: To make cryptocurrency easy and user-friendly for even the least technical of users, and combining the best aspects of centralized wallet services without compromising on privacy and private key ownership. For more information, we invite you to check out this page

Oxis is not a bank or stock portfolio, but an application that allows users to manage and store their cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently.

Oxis was created in 2019 and released to the public in late 2020. It is the evolution and clumination of almost 5 years creating cryptocurrency related software :)

Oxis is part of Digital Assets Corporation, a global company that had produced software to support cryptocurrencies around the world since 2015. For more information, check this page

Oxis is a 100% remote team, spanning more than 6 countries in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. We live in Slack, but at times get together in person so as not to forget one another's beautiful faces.

At Oxis, you control your passwords and private keys while we take care of making asset management easy for you. Your information is encrypted on distributed servers which only you can recover with your private keys. Your Oxis account makes this recovery process more seamless in a way that you're already used to: An email address and a secure password.

Oxis is completely free to use! The only costs that will be incurred are the transaction fees that each blockchain charges for making transfers and the fees within the exchange (if you want to exchange a little of your ETH for some BTC).

At Oxis, you control your passwords and private information. We have simplified the experience to the max, but if you you forget your passwords and lose access to the associated e-mail account, funds may be lost. If you follow all instructions and do the necessary backup steps to secure your funds, Oxis is a perfect application for maintaining your cryptocurrencies safely.

For now, we support BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, DASH, LTC, and a plethora of ERC20 tokens. We're adding new assets continuously, so keep an eye out for our communications on social networks and emails!

Oxis can be used in English and Spanish natively (for now).

Due to how Oxis was created, the Oxis team has no control or access to user funds nor any of your personal data. This ensures that your funds can only be controlled by whoever has the password and the 3 secret questions (to which we don't have access). In exchange for this, users are solely responsible for their funds being stored safely. For more information, please check this page

We created the easiest wallet to use without sacrificing security (in fact, we improve it). For information detailing our security implementation, please check this page

No problem! You can recover your password here and enter your 3 secret questions. Knowing the answers to these questions is the only way to recover your password - as we explain in this guide, this is the only way to decrypt your account.

The 3 questions serve to encrypt your password and secret key as well as recover your account information should your password be lost. It is a more user-friendly way to protect your secret keys without sacrificing security instead of relying solely on the security of your Oxis.com password. We have an article with more information on this that can be found here

If you forget your 3 answers, Oxis can't help you! Only you have access to them - we cannot change or cancel them without you doing so personally. For recommendations on how you can save them the securely, please check out this article

You can check our Support Portal or contact contact us directly at support@oxis.com

No, we do not collect or need any private customer information in order to use our services.

Yes! This feature can be found within your Oxis account.

Absolutely! You can exchange between any of our supported cryptocurrencies with the lowest transaction fees and spreads in the market. Check it out for yourself in your account at Oxis.com

Yes! Oxis has apps for both Android and iOS. Please check them out here and here

Oxis does not store any of your data. We simply provide the necessary software for users to operate. We do not store any information about those who use our software.

At Oxis, we are not financial advisors and do not provide financial advice. Using cryptocurrencies as an investment is dangerous. In Oxis, we do not comment on which projects, tokens, and/or coins work well or will appreciate in value. Our team tries to filter the projects that are listed vigorously prior to adding any asset, but we can't ensure the longevity of their success and cannot be held accountable for the financial performance of any of the projects. Please DYOR prior to investing in any cryptocurrencies.

Our entire team works remotely across six different countries! Do you want to work with us? Write to us at hello@oxis.com and let us know why you'd be a great fit!