No hidden fees, no paperwork. Send, receive, exchange, lend, and purchase cryptocurrencies seamlessly.


Cryptocurrencies don't need to be complicated

With Oxis, you can store and trade the most popular cryptocurrencies available on the market. You control your funds - Oxis doesn't have access to your data.

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Hedge from Volatility
US Dollars

Oxis supports many popular stablecoins, which are closely pegged to the US Dollar. Hedge Bitcoin's volatility (or even your local currency) by holding stablecoins in Oxis. Oxis currently supports USDC, Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD) and DAI.

Access the World of Tokens
Ethereum Wallet

With Oxis, you can hold ETH and all of its network tokens - the world of popular ERC-20 assets like MKR, ZRX, LINK, and more are at your fingertips. We've streamlined the user experience - you'll never have to worry about gas prices and gwei. Oxis automatically calculates and displays transaction costs in an easily readable format.

Passive Earning

Generate interest by lending your cryptocurrencies in Oxis with the Compound Protocol. Earn passive income daily, withdrawal at any time.

And many more...

Oxis provides access to the most liquid blockchains on the market. Our goal is to provide a seamless, safe, and easy to use platform. Your journey of being your own bank starts here.

With the highest security standards on the market

The Oxis team has been developing cryptocurrency software for over 5 years. Your funds are safe here.

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Built for our community

Happy Customers

Our team is global and so is our community! From beginners to blockchain experts, Oxis caters to users of all ranges and experience levels. Check out some examples:

"Simplest bitcoin wallet I've used"

I use it to receive payments in my business - I don't have to share personal data with anyone, and I can exchange them to USD instantly. Highly recommended.

"Exchange prices are unbeatable"

I have used other crypto wallet and prices to exchange from one cryptocurrency to another are much worse than in Oxis. This is the fastest and cheapest wallet for exchanges I've used so far.

"Best place to buy crypto with credit card, better than Coinbase"

Fees I used to pay in Coinbase with my credit card were ridiculously high compared with what I get here. I make monthly payments, and in the long term you see the difference.

"Controlling my Private Keys gives me peace of mind"

At exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, I don't control my private keys. If they disappear, my money disappears. With Oxis I know that they only provide an interface, and the cryptocurrencies are under my control only.


Send & Exchange your cryptocurrencies

Oxis offers the best exchange rates on the market (test for yourself). We also don't require intrusive personal information to use our service. An email address is all that's required! Our blazing fast exchanges complete in less than 5 minutes while never having access to your funds or personal data (you control your private keys, not us).

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20% annual interest rate on your UST. Claim your interest daily.
Withdraw your UST at any time.

Oxis offers the ability to generate a fixed interest rate on UST deposits thanks to Anchor Protocol.

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